A Plethora of Pearls

Recently, I had a craving to create a super long necklace.  These are nice because they are simple, but take a long time and are a perfect companion to a TV/movie marathon.  This weekend, I watched back-to-back episodes of The Knick and Peaky Blinders on Netflix while working on an epic pearl necklace.

I started with a batch of green/gold freshwater pearls, then I dug through my stash to find some complimentary colors.  A project like this is a great way to use odds & ends beads – you know, those little collections left over from other projects where you don’t have enough to make a full piece from all on their own.  Also, there’s just something I live about a whole heap of pearls around my neck.  It feels very luxurious.

I’ve made a few long pearl necklaces before, like the one I wore for my wedding, or the peach one I have listed on Etsy right now.  Neither is quite so long as the latest, but the earlier necklaces are all long enough to loop a couple of times.

DSC_0068 (2)

Once I had my colors picked out, I started looping.  On each eye pin, I put a silver-plated bead, a pearl, then another silver-plated bead and then I looped the straight end of the pin to secure the beads and create one link.  I like sandwiching pearls between metal beads to protect the pearls from rubbing against the eyepins and getting worn.  I spent a handful of hours watching episodes and repeating this step.  Finally, I had a nice pile of pearl links.


Okay, step one was complete.  The next step was to join all of these links.  I had them all in a pile and didn’t look when I grabbed the next one so I could join them in a random pattern.  Eventually, I had a strand that was longer than I was tall.  I had created my most epic necklace ever.  The great length of the necklace means I can wear it every which way.  My favorite is to loop it four times to create a short layered necklace.

I’m really enjoying the color palette.  It’s got both warm and cool tones and it feels like a perfect complement to the weather around here lately.  The trees are turning shades of gold and red while the sky is gray and rainy.


About Ali

I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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