Manitou Springs Adventure

I love the adventure theme for this week’s photo challenge.  There’s a lot of freedom to define what adventure means to you.  This week, I’m deciding that adventure means exploration, and my camera is always a good companion for exploring.  I’ve been to Manitou Springs dozens of times, but last fall I saw it in a whole new way through the lens of my camera.

The shops provided me with a lot of great subjects to play with.  The Glassblowers of Manitou always have lovely items and the collections of similar pieces were excellent for some bokeh shots.

DSC_0045 (2)

Even some of the less exotic items arrayed outside of the shops begged for a closer look.  For me, this is an example of macro photography’s greatest strength.  You get to take a look at something that’s pretty ordinary and, by really getting close, you can see the ordinary in an entirely new way.

This photo is one that started me on my most recent fascination with layered fabrics.  The juxtaposition of the patterns & colors really drew me in.


A really shallow depth of field is what this photo work for me.  The item is something designed to twist in the wind on your porch, but even when it’s still, there’s still an interesting combination of shapes & finishes.


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I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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6 Responses to Manitou Springs Adventure

  1. I’ve driven through Manitou Springs, mostly on my way to Garden of the Gods, but I never stopped. I had favorite places I liked to visit when I lived out that way. I pretty much just went to the same places over and over again.


    • Ali says:

      I know exactly what that’s like. Manitou’s one of my favorites and we end up there all the time. I almost always have to stop at the frozen custard place. It’s tradition.

      What were some of your other favorite places?


      • Because Bluestem Prairie was right down the road from my house I went there almost weekly. I was also very fond of The Paint Mines. I had bad timing with Seven Falls. Every time I wanted to go up there it was snowing or raining up there on the falls. So I never made it up there. I never liked hiking before I moved to Colorado. And when I moved back to the East coast I realized why. It’s humid back here. The air is thinner in Colorado but at least it isn’t hot humid thin air lol.


      • Ali says:

        Yeah, Colorado definitely has good hiking 🙂


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