Reach Out and Touch It

As a fan of macro, I love looking at the textures of objects, so this week’s photo challenge is right up my alley.  Looking through my photos, I wanted to go back a bit to a couple of my earlier macros that were just straight texture.

So, here’s one I took of crackling paint.  I don’t usually do much to alter photos (aside from some basic enhancement), so this one, with the manipulated blue, is unusual for me.  I love the way the blue pops against the white, though.Picture 1833mod

This next one is a photo I took during a walk along the Pueblo Nature Trail.  There are beavers in the area and though I never once saw an actual beaver, I definitely saw evidence of their handiwork.Picture 626

About Ali

I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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3 Responses to Reach Out and Touch It

  1. babso2you says:

    Lovely textures Ali!


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