A Play Called “Art”

This past weekend and the past few days have gone by in a flash.  Along with my normal job, I’ve been helping my friend Jenny (she’s the stage manager) with a production at the Springs Ensemble Theater and tomorrow is opening night.  That means we’ve been in the final push to make sure the sound works, the light works, the actors have their lines nailed, and all the many other pieces of the production puzzle fit together.

The particular play we’re doing is called Art and it was written by French playwright Yasmina Reza.  It’s all about three friends who have a falling out over a piece of modern art.

My role is behind the scenes – somewhere between stage hand and assistant stage manager.  I helped put up the lights, and then I helped rearrange the lights, and I’ve been doing general stage hand stuff.  My main claim to fame, though, is that I’ll be running the sound for some of the shows.14805919113_32510e95a2_k

Jenny, among other things, will be working the light board, which looks cooler.14783713704_07d2fe026c_k

This is my first time doing anything theater related since I was an assistant director for a high school production involving cheerleaders and zombies. It’s been an interesting ride.  I’ve met some cool people and learned interesting things about putting everything together.  One thing that especially caught my eye was the ghost light.14599555667_4e67caec63_k Jenny has the official trailer over on her blog.

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I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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