Three Variations of Extruder Swirl Beads

This weekend I mixed up some custom purple, brown, gray, and white and used those colors with my extruder to make three varieties of bead.  All three started the same – I put the colors into the extruder and extruded thin strands which I then wrapped around a base bead.  From there, I did a few different things.

From left to right, here is batch 1, batch 2, and batch 3.

blog pics 2014-07-15 004

Batch 1: I smoothed the beads out a bit before piercing, but that was all I did before curing.  After curing, I added the additional step of putting the beads into my rock tumbler to rough them up and expose some of the underlying color.

Batch 2: Once the strand was adhered to the base bead, I used a tissue blade to cut facets into the bead, revealing the layers of color.  Then I pierced & cured the beads.

Batch 3: I did the same as batch 2, but then I rolled the beads in my hands to smooth out the facets and create smooth round beads.  The result reminds me of images of gas giant planets.

One of the best aspects of polymer clay is the nearly unlimited possibility for variations.  Even using the same colors and the same basic technique, I was able to create some distinctly different beads.  Now I just have to turn them into jewelry.

About Ali

I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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