Trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival

This weekend was our third annual trip to the Colorado Renaissance Festival and my first trip with my new camera.  I had the best intentions to take lots of photos people in cool costumes, but the problem with taking photos of people in a crowd is that the subjects move around a lot and other people get in the way.  I did manage a few shots of living subjects that I’m pleased with.

jpg DSC_0062 (2) jpg DSC_0207 (2)

One attraction I always make sure to see is the birds of prey.  I spent most of middle & high school volunteering at the Raptor Center in Pueblo, so I always enjoy seeing raptors like this kestrel here.  Fun fact, American Kestrels are one of the few birds of prey with sexual dimorphism (i.e. clear visual difference between male & female) and you can tell that this one is a male because of the blue coloration on his wings.  A female would have brown coloration instead.  jpg DSC_0099 (2)However, it didn’t take me long before I gravitated back to inanimate objects.  They’re much better at holding still for a picture, and there were a lot of cool photo opportunities available.  One of my favorite things to photograph were the displays at the costume & clothing shops.  Rows on rows of beautiful, colorful cloth and garments.  I was in macro heaven.

jpg DSC_0145 (2) jpg DSC_0193 (2) jpg DSC_0182 (2)One of my favorite features of the Renaissance Festival is all of the artisan shops and booths.  There are a ton of cool artisan items for sale and some of the craftspeople do live demonstrations of their skills throughout the day.

jpg DSC_0178 (2) jpg DSC_0046 (2)The festival’s main drawback, though, is the summer heat & dry dust that gets kicked up and covers everything.  After a bit over four hours, the heat had worn us out and we called it a day.  Though, if it was a cool day and I didn’t have to worry about boring my husband while I took a hundred (or two hundred) more pictures, I could easily have stayed much longer.

About Ali

I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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