The Wounded Deer in My Front Yard

Odds are, when you think of Colorado Springs, you think of the fact that it’s a big city. Urban deer might not cross your mind, but there are plenty of them. This fall, my husband and I moved to an area west of I-25, which put us closer to the mountains and right in the middle of deer territory.

Today, I wasn’t feeling too well and I went home to rest and hydrate. Around 2:30, my dog went nuts and started barking her head off. When she didn’t come back when I called, I got up to see what the deal was. Turns out, this guy was in the front yard, nonchalantly eating my plants.  (I took a few quick pictures with my iPad, because that’s what was handy and I didn’t want to miss him, so I’m afraid the picture quality isn’t the best.)


His antlers were covered in velvet, and he had a huge gash in his stomach, which you can kind of see here:


As he walked into the main area of the yard, I got a better look at the strips of skin hanging down and could see the muscle underneath.  It looked pretty bad, but he didn’t seem too bothered by it.

Not sure what to do, I called the local Division of Wildlife office.  The gal I spoke to asked me some questions about the wound and said it sounded like he jumped a fence but didn’t completely clear it.  She added that this is a pretty common injury and so long as it was a flesh wound, they would leave the deer alone to heal.  Apparently, deer are very good at recovering from this kind of injury.  Their only other alternative, if it had been a worse wound, would be to put him down, so leaving him be was certainly the better option in this case.  She asked me for information about where I was located and said they’d keep an eye out for him and track if anyone else called in.  I hope he heals quickly, because that looked really uncomfortable.

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I take pictures, make jewelry, read books, and bake things. I especially like macro photography and polymer clay.
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3 Responses to The Wounded Deer in My Front Yard

  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    Good for you in following up.


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